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OpenBSD "Theo de Raadt is the project leader for OpenBSD, a Unix-like operating system. We spoke with Theo about the upcoming release of OpenBSD, 3.9, the financial state of the project, and about companies that profit from free software without contributing back."
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"Freeloading off the backs of others is just as much in the hearts of socialists as it is of the capitalists"

Well, Socialism is a socioeconomic pattern already out of reality nowdays. It is history. So no point bringing it back to justify or denay anything not related directly to that...

Anyway you are completely wrong! We could say that:Freeloading off the backs of others is just as much in the hearts of human being, or natural competition itself...

But Freeloading off the backs of others is not as much in the hearts of socialists as it is of the capitalists. This is a simplistic, demagogic, blatant, utter lie and stupidity.

Socialist concepts grow in the context of first capitalist age when extreme explotation was current and legal (12 years children commonly working 12-16 hours in mines just to earn to survive for instance)...

So Socialist theories were born just to fight the Freeloading off the backs of others created during the development of capitalism.

Only ignorance, stupidity or paranoia can justify simplistic and demagogic assertions like the one you have done... Try to read something about history, economics, sociology and politics before saying such kind of things, that insult all those who suffered from explotation.

If you want to extrapolate that to the nowdays context to justify your ideas, you could talk about the capitalist "explotation" of chinese workers in a country that utterly call itself socialist, and where the human rights are so diminished. Or the indecent explotation of workers, even children in many asian countries by US corporatons when outsourcing their workforce ...
That would be a more actual, realistic, and current comparison of "Freeloading off the backs of others"...


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You won't be heard here dude. Just not enough culture out there. Give up.

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