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OpenBSD "Theo de Raadt is the project leader for OpenBSD, a Unix-like operating system. We spoke with Theo about the upcoming release of OpenBSD, 3.9, the financial state of the project, and about companies that profit from free software without contributing back."
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RE: Grow up
by Soulbender on Wed 29th Mar 2006 11:41 UTC in reply to "Grow up"
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"I'm sorry, but that is just plain childish and extremely unprofessional. It's like a kid refusing to do anything his mother tells him to because he doesn't get a cookie."

Really. Isn't it Sun's job to make sure their codebase is up to date, not OpenSSH's?
Why should the OpenSSH's guys go out of their way to help Sun, a gigantic company with wast resources, keeping their sh1t together? It's not like they're hiding anything, the code and release information is there for Sun to find all by themselves.

"If Theo wants people to take OpenBSD seriously, he should stop making pointless comments like this one."

The irony of you making this statement is so thick you could slice it with a butterknife.

"If you let personal grudges stand in the way of seeing the bigger picture (*cough*Amiga), then you have no place in the corporate world-- or in any world, for that matter."

OpenSSH/OpenBSD is not a corporate entity and does not exists to please corporations. It exists because
the developers are interest in working on it.

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