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Red Hat Red Hat is going through a growth spurt as companies become more comfortable with its software as an alternative to Windows and profits fuel the expansion, executives with the developer of open source software said Tuesday. Profitability expanded even as Red Hat grew to more than 1200 employees.
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RE: Redhat is good for Linux
by Riddic on Wed 29th Mar 2006 16:30 UTC in reply to "Redhat is good for Linux"
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I have to agree here. I'm not a big fan of RedHat, but by making Linux more popular and potential customers more comfortable with moving their stuff to Linux, it means
1. Porting of important applications becomes more likely
2. Moving from RedHat to another distro is not such a big step as moving from Windows to Linux

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RE[2]: Redhat is good for Linux
by Hands on Wed 29th Mar 2006 17:23 in reply to "RE: Redhat is good for Linux"
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I have to agree with both comments. I would extend it a bit further though because I feel that what is good for Linux [and open source] is also good for the tech industry in general.

I like the work being done by both Microsoft and Apple, but that work has the feeling of an isolated development driven by the desire of a business for profit. They innovate [to varying degrees] and improve on their products, but it is done for their own motivations.

Linux and open source in general develops in different ways. Red Hat certainly improves upon their product with the motivation for profit, but because of the principle basis of open source software, some of the best things that get integrated into the final product are often things developed or improved upon by others. This allows for a very rich flow of ideas and growth.

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