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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y "Over 500 million people use the Internet, and over a billion computers are deployed around the world. It has become impossible to ignore the issue of content management and access. Call it Digital Rights Management if you will, or call it working out how to manage copying in the digital realm. We need to solve the problem of how digital information will be shared, and an equally important need to set open and wide reaching standards. It has been more than ten years since computers and the Internet really started to take off, and there is still no coherent approach to restricted (or unrestricted) information sharing. This is a serious problem."
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by vitae on Wed 29th Mar 2006 19:06 UTC in reply to "RE"
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s it because of the majority of pron coming from hollywood (strong lobby that desires an artificial toboo that benefits sales?,Is it because of gods country?)

I think so, but not just porn. The entertainment industry in general and other industries as. Sex is naughty. That's what they teach us in America, and the more naughty they say it is, the more we want it. The right-wing groups and Christians preaching against it couldn't do these people a bigger favor if they tried and are probably at least half responsible for porn being as big a moneymaker as it is. The whole thing works out so perfect for people in the adult entertainment industry, it's scarey.

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by netpython on Wed 29th Mar 2006 20:12 in reply to "RE"
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re vitae

Nicely said.

It's indeed scarey.

In an attempt to protect our childeren should we eradicate everything potentially dangerous? Or should we just give them a fair chance of good sincere education and accept life as it is with all it's ups and downs so far it is behind our control?

I think the whole internet is a mirror of our society.You can find everything (good and bad) if you want too.The patent circus under the noun of intellectual property is getting out of hand.A DRM isn't a solution.The proposed solution is far worse than the situation itself and affects us all (artists included).

I hope some come up with a reasonable solution to the situation and find an humane referential fit that both protects intellectual property and at the same time doesn't limit peoples freedom and stimulate innovation.Maybe (new) companies that drag artists with them can realize it.Time for some revolution (Blue ray?).

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by vitae on Wed 29th Mar 2006 20:37 in reply to "RE"
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We'd have to eradicate ourselves. We're the most dangerous thing of all.

No, it's all about teaching kids the right way, and many aren't up to it. I'm not up to the challenge, myself, so I don't have kids. But if someone is going to have them, they really need to be raising them right and teach them the right way without trying to hide real life from them ie. "This is sex, and these are the dangers that come along with it.." It's easy to preach when I don't have kids of my own, but we really need to be doing a better job of it.

Thing I don't get is that you have conservatives in Europe too, but either yours are not as hardline repressive as ours, or you just keep them hidden away better?

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