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Novell and Ximian "Novell's new SuSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 is beating Microsoft Vista to market by months, and the Xen virtualization features in the upcoming SuSE Enterprise Server are right on target. In short, Novell's Linux roadmap looks great. Now, can Novell get business customers to travel its road?"
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SuSE Television Commercial
by AxXium on Thu 30th Mar 2006 22:30 UTC
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I have never seen a single Linux Television Commercial, but I see MSFT commercials daily here in the U.S..

Now, I normally hate to sit through commercials.

But I truly hope to one day see a Linux distro television commercial glowing in radiant beauty on my 30" television screen. :-)

SuSE could do it and be the first for me.

That day may signal end times for MSFT.


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RE: SuSE Television Commercial
by RenatoRam on Fri 31st Mar 2006 07:18 in reply to "SuSE Television Commercial"
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You missed the dozen IBM linux ads that were aired worldwide last year, then.

(you know, the "basket team one", and others)

Plus, the "blond child" IBM linux ad was aired on tv in the states, I think. And it was a purely "linux" and "opensource" ad, with almost no IBM product pushing in it.
(besides, most IBM ads lately only push the IBM brand and corporate image, without ever mentioning products)

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