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Novell and Ximian The lastest stable version of Novell's Evolution is now also available for Mac OS X users. "I am pleased to announce the release of Evolution-2.6 Binary release for Mac OS X. The release works on versions 10.3 and 10.4 of the Mac OS. This release also contains the exchange plugin which was not ported during the 2.4 cycle. This release is feature compatible with the GNOME-2.14 release." Downloads.
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My biggest beef with X11 is that there isn't patch code in it to understand dfonts. Some ports of OSS like Inkscape are smart enough to figure it out, but OOo isn't and requires you to run Fondu before installing OOo (making a wasteful TTF copy of the dfonts).

Apple doesn't have much excuse for not optimizing/overhauling X11 to the point where more of its software behaves natively. A preference to move menu bars to the top of the screen and transparently translate their events back and forth would be a good start.

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Apple cannot transparently move the menus to the top of the screen, because menus aren't implemented at the X11 level, they are implemented at the toolkit level. I don't think GTK+ even creates a window for the menubar --- its just some region of the X11 window that only the toolkit knows about.

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What you're saying is that GTK+ menu bars aren't an X11 native API, so it would require OS X to recognize GTK+ toolkit APIs and intercept/translate them.

Isn't this fundamentally what Classic mode does?

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