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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu "The Ubuntu team is proud to present the 6th Alpha test, called Flight 6 of our next release, Ubuntu 6.06 (Dapper Drake). With Flight 6 comes additional Look-and-Feel improvements, Live-CD installer enhancements, GNOME 2.14 final, and much more." Download the regular Ubuntu, Kubuntu, or Edubuntu. As usual, PowerPC, x86, and x86-64 are supported with both live CDs and install CDs.
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Are you sure epiphany is bundled in default installation? I seriously doubt it, firefox has been chosen and is the default since the first Ubuntu release. However, with every new release there is a debate whether it should stay the default. Personally I'm looking forward to the day when they'll switch it or at least let the user dump firefox.

Firefox is way slower for me and it doesn't integrate with whole desktop like epiphany does. As for extensions, sure firefox has more, but do you need them? Are they of good quality? I seriously doubt it. Pop-up blocker, Ads blocker, gestures are probably the only ones which Joe SixPack needs.

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Read the article:

Ubuntu uses Firefox by default but there is another great web browser that is part of GNOME named Epiphany. Epiphany provides users with a very simple yet very flexible web browsing experience. Epiphany 2.14.0 comes with lots a really useful plugins and allows you to customize it so you can browse the web in style your way.

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Epiphany is an OPTION to install later. It is not part of the default install; it is just part of GNOME. Admittedly, it's not clear in the article.

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Oh, Not Again!
by IgorKH on Sun 2nd Apr 2006 18:05 in reply to "RE: Why include epiphany AND firefox?"
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I thought we already had an entire war about it just four days ago...

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