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SkyOS SkyOS has seen improvements in its rendering engine. "The main difference is that the window content is now buffered. The drawing operations don't draw on the screen anymore, but they draw into a application window private layer." This has some advantages, in the area of speed, special effects, and the fact that applications can now access each other's window contents.
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No code, no success :P
by kajaman on Mon 3rd Apr 2006 18:13 UTC
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Well, I still don't believe that project like SkyOS can succeed without releasing sources under some kind of free license. It is a shame that they can't see that neither Zeta or SkyOS, even though they are both interesting projects, won't change anything on OS scene.

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RE: No code, no success :P
by Tom K on Mon 3rd Apr 2006 18:22 in reply to "No code, no success :P"
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Why should someone who has put hard work and thought into something go off and release it for free? That's not how you make a buck. He has every right to keep the source closed. It's his product, after all.

Oh, and Windows, Solaris, and Mac OS were quite successful, even before the companies started opening up with some source here and there. So much for your theory. ;-)

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v RE: No code, no success :P
by Fuji257 on Mon 3rd Apr 2006 18:27 in reply to "No code, no success :P"
RE[2]: No code, no success :P
by dimosd on Mon 3rd Apr 2006 18:36 in reply to "RE: No code, no success :P"
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You could make the same argument without the profanities and actually find supporters in Osnews. Now your argument goes >/dev/null (or >nul if your prefer that).

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v RE[2]: No code, no success :P
by computrius on Mon 3rd Apr 2006 20:24 in reply to "No code, no success :P"
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SkyOS rocks! The $30 for access to every beta plus a copy of the final release when it comes out is well worth it. I'm pretty sure you can get in for free if you apply as a developer wishing to port something to SkyOS.

But linux is very poor example of this. Its horribly organized, crash prone (and no, its not the hardware, as I built this machine myself with quality very common OS neutral parts. For anyone to say an OS crashes alot because you have cheap hardware is a HUGE cop-out of the worst kind, and is in denial about the REAL problem with the software

Stable releases of Gentoo Linux don't crash on me. Sometimes I can make it crash by using unstable alpha versions of system software (kind of like copying DLLs from an unstable build of Vista into XP - risky), and once I got a bad stick of ram (that caused problems with both Linux and Windows). That's how far I have to go to make it crash.

Frankly I don't see how a decent distro could be crashing on you unless you did something to make it crash.

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I don't know if he was modded down for his views on linux, or for his amazingly filthy mouth and aggressive and antaganistic comments, though I believe it was the latter. I don't believe it takes such appalling behaviour to make a point, but then again, I'm Canadian. :-)

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Most patrons of this site seem to have the policy of: You have your right to an opinion, as long as it doesnt contradict ours.

Computrius, get real. His use of profanities was unacceptable. I don't care what kind of opinion was expressed: I saw the profanities and set its score to -5. The guy is lucky I did not remove the post altogether.

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by ronaldst on Mon 3rd Apr 2006 22:55 in reply to "No code, no success :P"
RE: No code, no success :P
by Shannara on Tue 4th Apr 2006 16:52 in reply to "No code, no success :P"
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Its a good thing most people dont believe Trolls then, eh?

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