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Linux The One Laptop Per Child organization will use Linux on its inexpensive machines, but the operating system suffers the same code bloat as Windows, the project's leader said Tuesday. My Take: A few months ago I blogged about this as if I knew what was coming. I still believe that the $100-laptop project should be targetted as an embedded application and so Qtopia with ARM is a better/cheaper/faster solution than Fedora/RHEL with x86. If Palm is able to sell the Zire 22 at $99 and still make lots of profit (yes, they do), then it is probably feasible to manufacture and market my suggestion at $100.
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This isn't a fair compairision....
by yokem55 on Wed 5th Apr 2006 03:59 UTC
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This guy is complaining that a full regular linux environment is too fat, and then claiming that WinCE is much lighter. Of course WinCE is much lighter, as it is made for embedded environments. Linux too can be reworked down and put into a solid, embedded environment. Granted, an off the shelf distro will not work, as to really get the most out of your hardware, you need to highly customize the build process of what you are using, and thus your system needs to be built by hand.

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And another thing, WinCE is not Windows.

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