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FreeBSD "The FreeBSD Foundation is pleased to announce the availability of the official Java Runtime Environment and Java Development Kit for FreeBSD. The Foundation negotiated a license with Sun Microsystems to distribute these FreeBSD binaries. The binaries are based on JDK 1.5 and work with the official FreeBSD 5.4 and FreeBSD 6.0 releases on the i386 platform."
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by naelurec on Wed 5th Apr 2006 23:49 UTC
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This should make installing Java much easier. I ran into issues with OOo Base where it requires Java to work with tables -- anyways, after too much work, I got Java 1.4 working (use of Linux compatibility and other documented tricks).. now with native binaries, that should be much easier. Hurray! :-)

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RE: Good!
by Beryllium on Thu 6th Apr 2006 18:27 in reply to "Good!"
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I define "easy installation" by whether I have to go out of my way to install something. With java/jdk14, I had to go to the Sun website and download two or three tarballs, and then go to a 3rd-party site and download a patchset. With this new one, it sounds like I just have to go to one website.

But the main problem (in my mind) remains: I still have to load up my browser and go to a website to install the port. Not cool. If all I have to do is say "I accept", why can't that be put into the makefile? Other ports are interactive, why can't this one show me the agreement and allow me to accept/decline?

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RE[2]: Good!
by eMagius on Thu 6th Apr 2006 18:42 in reply to "RE: Good!"
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I believe this was discussed on the mailing list -- Sun requires it to be done this way.

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RE[2]: Good!
by robilad on Thu 6th Apr 2006 18:55 in reply to "RE: Good!"
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Sun needs your explicit consent to their license to be able to sue you for violation of the EULA, if they have to.

dalibor topic

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