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FreeBSD "The FreeBSD Foundation is pleased to announce the availability of the official Java Runtime Environment and Java Development Kit for FreeBSD. The Foundation negotiated a license with Sun Microsystems to distribute these FreeBSD binaries. The binaries are based on JDK 1.5 and work with the official FreeBSD 5.4 and FreeBSD 6.0 releases on the i386 platform."
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I did not realize...
by Tuishimi on Thu 6th Apr 2006 05:50 UTC
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...that so many people have already moved to 1.5. We are still lagging behind I guess at our company. What are the performance issues of running software in Linux compat vs. native? Also has 1.5 improved the speed of the VM?

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RE: I did not realize...
by BryanFeeney on Thu 6th Apr 2006 11:23 in reply to "I did not realize..."
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1.5 is a bit faster, but mainly on the desktop end of things, where Swing's speed and appearance saw serious work. 1.6 will continue this desktop emphasis, with dramatic Swing improvements and more speed improvements for the client side (though stack allocation has been deferred to 1.7).

The advantages of 1.5 are mainly for developers: the addition of Generics, Annotations, Enums and the new For-Loop made a lot of tasks a whole lot easier. Less trumpetted advantages are the new high-performance java.util.concurrency classes and StringBuilder class.

However no final implementation of Java EE 5 (J2EE 1.5 using the old versioning system) has been released yet. I think it's due around August. When it's released, companies will start migrating to version 5 in a big way, as it uses all Java 5's features to dramatically reduce the amount of code (and in particular, deployment descriptors) needed when writing enterprise applications. Until then, most companies are in a fairly conservative holding pattern.

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RE[2]: I did not realize...
by Tuishimi on Thu 6th Apr 2006 15:28 in reply to "RE: I did not realize..."
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>The advantages of 1.5 are mainly for developers:
>the addition of Generics, Annotations, Enums

It's beginning to sound like Ada. ;)

I look forward to it, even tho' we (company) probably won't move to it for another year or so.

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