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In the News Mad Penguin has published an excellent interview with Techmeister Leo Laporte. It's a two page review in which Leo discusses the possibility of a UNIX owned future. The interview starts here.
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RE: creativity
by Colonel Panic on Sat 30th Jul 2005 13:26 UTC in reply to "creativity"
Colonel Panic
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I think from all the years that Leo has under his belt, he already knows about how Windows kernels work and even more. You evidently don't know who Leo Laporte is.

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RE[2]: creativity
by on Sat 30th Jul 2005 14:07 in reply to "RE: creativity"
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I work as a system engineer and consultant, and have some programming experience, so I deal with customers of various sizes and I didn't see any mass migrations to Linux or intentions to do so.
I see some Linux installations in specific areas, such as low cost file/print, web, mail relay servers, but also see that many of those are getting replaced with Microsoft Server 2003.
And yes, I don't know who Leo is, just disagree with his comments on kernel and OS architecture.
And no, I'm not an M$ or FSF zealot, I just work with both systems and can see strengths and weaknesses of both, and I had very high expectatios for broad adoption of Linux and other open source software, but it just didn't happen, and I don't think it ever will, because timing is everything and now that battle is lost.

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