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Mac OS X "NeoOffice is important not only because it brings a decent OOo port to the Mac platform, but also because it is arguably the only complete, non-Microsoft office suite for Mac OSX. Apple has all but abandoned AppleWorks which has mostly been replaced with iWork, except that iWork has no spreadsheet component and the word processing component is more of a page layout tool than a word processor. That's right, the platform that encourages users to 'Think Different' is pretty much down to a single office suite." Read the entire review.
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by trezzer on Sat 8th Apr 2006 19:04 UTC
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"The word processing component is more of a page layout tool than a word processor."

I can only assume the author hasn't tried using Pages.
Currently it's handling my dissertation with bravura. It automatically formats paragraphs depending on what type comes before it. It automatically generates TOC and handles quotes perfectly.

It is, in fact, the best word processor I have ever used for what is its core functionality: dealing with words. Word wouldn't handle a document of this size/complexity and NeoOffice is a tad too heavy for my machine (or else I would have tried it for the sake of interoperability).

Hmm, that sure was a lot of typing for a comment on a single line.

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RE: Pages
by benmhall on Mon 10th Apr 2006 01:41 in reply to "Pages"
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I wrote the review. You caught me. I've only used Pages very briefly and probably wasn't qualified to comment on it. My apologies.

I find it interesting that you found Pages lighter than NeoOffice. When I tried pages (version 1) on my PowerBook, it seemed quite a bit heavier than NeoOffice Writer. (Once NeoOffice started up, of course. ;-) Perhaps I should give pages another shot, though I try to stick to common, cross-platform, open formats like .sxw

I would encourage you to try NeoOffice 1.2.2. It's a lot faster than the previous versions once it gets up and running. Absolutely the best release yet.

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