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Legal FreeBSD developer Poul-Henning Kamp (PHK) happens to run a tier-1 NTP server, intended only for use by ISPs' main servers in Denmark, and specifically not intended for individual client connections, not to mention client connections from anywhere else in the world. He offers this service pro bono to ISPs. Unfortunately, D-Link has decided to abuse the open nature of the NTP protocol and has actually hard-coded PHK's server hostname in the firmware of several of their home network products. Since contacting D-Link yielded no results, PHK went public.
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I'm guilty
by Tyr. on Sun 9th Apr 2006 18:28 UTC
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I feel bad now, I actually own one of the offending products a DI-624. I really don't want to offend the genius that gave us the "beerware"-license , guess I owe him several more beers now. Oh well, time for me to write to D-Link and demand a firmware upgrade.

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RE: I'm guilty
by kamper on Sun 9th Apr 2006 18:30 in reply to "I'm guilty"
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Oh well, time for me to write to D-Link and demand a firmware upgrade.

Good man (or woman? sorry). Customer demand would be a strong influence on D-Link, although it seems unlikely that enough people will be interested and/or understand.

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RE: I'm guilty
by ido50 on Sun 9th Apr 2006 19:07 in reply to "I'm guilty"
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I own the same product. It's crap. Wireless networks are supposed to make your life easier. This one makes my life harder. The router stops working every 5 minutes, sometimes returning back after a few seconds/minutes, sometimes never (Until I reboot the router). I can't surf the internet like that, not to mention the router's port forwarding function doesn't work.

I hope to switch to another router soon, I'm not buying any more products by this company.

P.S. I wrote the above comment, pressed the "Submit comment" button, only to find the router stopped working again. Had to take the power cord out and plug it again.

Edited 2006-04-09 19:08

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RE[2]: I'm guilty
by shredder on Mon 10th Apr 2006 09:33 in reply to "RE: I'm guilty"
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Wireless routers are a pain.

My Belkin wireless router crashes if I don't run a bandwidth shaper on my desktop. When it crashes, it enables the proprietary mode which actually worsens performance.

My parents have a different Belkin wireless router which rarely works. Do any wireless routers work properly?

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RE: I'm guilty
by senornoodle on Wed 12th Apr 2006 09:40 in reply to "I'm guilty"
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So 624s not only crash under any load heavier than a single PC checking email, AND have a total range of maybe 10m, but also f--k around with important NTP servers? The feaure list just keeps growing.

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