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OSNews, Generic OSes There are so many ways to boot alternative OSes to common PCs these days. What's your prefered way? Read for a quick introduction to the most common methods and then let us know about your prefered way of booting alternative OSes to your PC by taking the poll.
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RE: Alternative in Leopard?
by Moochman on Tue 11th Apr 2006 18:22 UTC in reply to "Alternative in Leopard?"
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That is a fabulous idea, and it could work even on computers without the Robson technology, simply by suspending to disk. Why didn't anyone think of this before?

Don't get me wrong, virtualization should still be in there as a provision for users that don't want to leave OS X, but for gamers this would be their best bet.

Ideal situation: The Mac user is able to easily install Windows into its own partition, and this partition is accessible through virtualization or dual-booting, but either way, it's loaded from a state of hibernation, not from scratch. The same goes for a reboot from Windows into the Mac OS--it should load it from a state of hibernation.

If the computer is new and contains the new "Robson" flash memory cache, it should use it, but if not, it should rely on hard disk space. Unfortunately, Mac OS X currently has no provisions for hibernation/suspend-to-disk, but that could change with the next big release...


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