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KDE The KDE Look and Feel Project is a GPL-licenced Swing pluggable look and feel which uses Qt and KDE for the drawing of widgets. KDE Look and Feel implements most of the Java Look and Feel API including dialogs (ColorChooser, FileChooser, etc.).
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RE[3]: Swing... blech...
by darcysmith on Wed 12th Apr 2006 00:36 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Swing... blech..."
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"It would have been just slightly more intuitive to remove the 'J' prefix"

The reason for that was that the compiler messages when you mixed java.awt.* and javax.swing.* were confusing. Rather than fix the compiler (which admitedly would be a hard thing to do for this particular problem) they chose to rename the components. If less people used the .* form of importing the world would be a better place...

"And the Import JavaX (javax? is that java extension? or just another random suffix?)"

The original idea of the "javax" package was that things would move from javax to java when they were placed into the "standard" library. The problem is that that breaks everyones code, and nobody wants to change the imports. They could have provided a tool to alter the imports but that would still wind up leaving the binaries broken. They could have provided a tool to handle the binaries but that is just a hack.

So the decision was to place it into javax and leave it there (same with othr things taht moved from standard extensions into the standard).

They could not put it into the "java" package as some things, such as Netscape Navigator would not allow non-approved classes into the java package.

So, Jxxx to not have naming collisions with java.awt and javax as it started out as an extension and it is too hard to change it to java now.


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