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Legal Microsoft and the European Commission will clash in court over innovation and intellectual-property rights when the software giant appeals a 2004 antitrust decision, according to court papers seen by Reuters. Microsoft wants to turn around the Commission's decision that it abused the dominance of its Windows system to muscle out rivals who did not have enough detail of the operating system to create efficient software that could run with it.
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Actually Linux is not a very good example here, as its lack of binary interface effectively excludes all competitors/cooperators outside of the OSS realm.

Of course there are standard protocols that are used. But that's far too little.

Actually if Linux based systems possesed majority of marketshare I would second a legislation that would impose binary stablilty and compatibility on Linux vendors.

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Wrong, ABI is present in linux. You can produce functional binary that will work across all distributions (heard of LSB?). API/ABI interface and code are in fact open to inspection by anyone.

It's driver binary interface that doesn't exist, so it forces all developers to publish open driver code if they ever want to see it in kernel.

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