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Legal Microsoft and the European Commission will clash in court over innovation and intellectual-property rights when the software giant appeals a 2004 antitrust decision, according to court papers seen by Reuters. Microsoft wants to turn around the Commission's decision that it abused the dominance of its Windows system to muscle out rivals who did not have enough detail of the operating system to create efficient software that could run with it.
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Good ol' "reality"
by Beta on Wed 12th Apr 2006 11:50 UTC
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I see the haters, the OSS fundies, are out here voting down any posts that goes against their wishful reality.

No, we vote down posts that are incorrect, fantasy, or just plain trolling.

People have mentioned anti-US bias in these comments; and I just think that even though it isn't anti-US sentiment, it's our right if it is, no?

Freedom of speech and all ;)

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Good ol' "fundies"
by ronaldst on Wed 12th Apr 2006 21:02 in reply to "Good ol' "reality""
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No, we vote down posts that are incorrect, fantasy, or just plain trolling.

Wrong on all count. All I see it bashing US, corporations and Windows.

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RE: Good ol' "fundies"
by h times nue equals e on Thu 13th Apr 2006 06:52 in reply to "Good ol' "fundies""
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Perhaps it's me, but I found it somehow irritating, that your comments included either no hard facts for backing up your findings (Just as an example : If all you see in the comments is bashing of the US, corporations per se and/or Windows, would you care to elaborate where I did any of this in my comments, since they are part of the "all" you're seeing ?) or ignore the thing most people seem to whitness as "reality" (the part with microsoft not having a monopoly position).

I've neither modded you down (I try to save my votes for modding up insightful comments and modding the " [softwareX, written with at least 4 spelling mistakes] rUleZ, [software/person/whatever/...] Sucks"- oneliner crowd down) , nor do I feel guilty of bashing any of the entities mentioned by you (neither rhetorically, nor in reality, btw.), but I can *understand* why someone might put your outputs in the "trollish" bin.

BTW: sappyvcv's comments weren't modded down, because (I guess so) he backed up his opinions with data and external informations and/or wrote his comments in a neutral language. (I don't happen to share some of his views, but ain't that one of the reasons we discuss something ?)

Enough said

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