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Windows Will the delay in Microsoft's Windows Vista have a domino effect on other planned releases of Windows? Partner sources close to the company said that Microsoft has sketched out plans for Windows 'Fiji' (also referred to by some Microsoft watchers as Vista R2) - the version of Windows set to follow Vista - as for Windows 'Vienna', the successor to Fiji, partner sources close to the company said.
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RE: don't have a cow man
by Windows Sucks on Thu 13th Apr 2006 04:42 UTC in reply to "don't have a cow man"
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We know in American elections that someone will be elected in 4 or 8 years. No one is debating it because there have not been any potential candidates named for office 8 years in the future.

We know that MS will put out a product sometime in the future, but the difference is the MS has already named the candidates and the proposed time line for those candidates to give us something to debate.

All that comes from MS trying to get their resellers, developers, system builders etc to believe they have a focused and well thought out plan for the future. Even though we all know that they wait for the next hot thing to happen then jump on it. (Like they did with IE, Windows media player, .Net etc) That has been all they have done in the last 10 years after the release of Windows 95 (Which was their biggest triumph)

Game systems get hot, MS is there, Ipods get hot, MS is there, Web TV gets hot for a minute, MS is there, Google gets hot, MS is there, Ajax gets hot, MS is there, DVR's get hot, MS is there. Everything someone else does in the tech space that looks like a trend MS tries to get on the band wagon. They now do 100 different things and none of them great! No focus at all.

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