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SuSE, openSUSE The first release candidate for OpenSUSE Linux 10.1 has been released, but as you know, no release notes, changelog, or whatever, so I again cannot tell you what's changed, improved, or fixed. Download locations are listed in the release announcement.
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I wonder
by SlackerJack on Thu 13th Apr 2006 23:54 UTC
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How many people will moan about mp3 support and dvd support AGAIN?

Oops, one already :-)

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It's the lack of a DVD ISO that bugs me...
by rklrkl on Fri 14th Apr 2006 13:06 in reply to "I wonder"
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> How many people will moan about mp3 support and dvd support AGAIN?

MP3/DVD-playing support is no issue really - many other 100% free distros (Fedora being an obvious one) don't include MP3 or DVD playback support as standard, but it's usually fairly straightforward to download non-free bits and enable them.

The bigger "DVD" issue for this SuSE release is the lack of a DVD ISO image of the distro itself! Yep, there's now 6 CD ISOs totalling almost 4GB, which would fit perfectly onto a single-layer DVD. Considering its "cousin" Fedora Core quite happily releases test versions on both CD and DVD, the SuSE project has absolutely zero excuse not to release a DVD ISO for test and final releases.

Yes, I've been downloading the delta ISOs (note that the 6th CD of non-OSS stuff doesn't have a delta ISO for this RC1, which is an oversight by the SuSE team!), but it's still a royal pain to have to burn 6 CDs (I've scripted stuff to apply the deltas automatically, cos that's a pain to do as well) when a single DVD ISO image would make many people's lives a lot easier. And, yes, there might be some "make a DVD from 6 CD ISOs" script out there, but SuSE themselves should bleeding well run it and make the ISO available for download (maybe as a torrent only?).

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The script you're wondering about, and instructions for using it, can be found here:

Also, Suse has released DVD images for every final release I can remember. They call it an "Eval" DVD, but it's got exactly the same software on it as the CD version.

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Also, even though there's no openSUSE (open-source only) DVD iso on their servers, I found this link at the bottom of the "Making a DVD from CDs" page:

Unofficial OpenSUSE 10.0 32bit DVD (Torrent)

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