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Sun Solaris, OpenSolaris Community contributor Jürgen Keil and Sun engineer Jan Setje-Eilers have been working together to get OpenSolaris based operating systems to work under Apple's BootCamp. Today Jan announced that he had successfully installed and booted build 36 of Solaris Nevada (plus some hacks). A series of bugfixes to make OpenSolaris distributions "just work" have been identified.
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I hope other alternatives OSes will run on Macs as well. Boot camp seems to be a very good thing after all. Time will tell but I wouldn't be surprised if Apple would increase its market share on the PC Market.

True; atleast if Windows is working on it, it'll be alot easier to move people to MacOS X once they have the hardware than trying to get them to first make the platform change.

One misconception I think they still need to address is the idea that there is no Microsoft Office, even though there is, and secondly, that you can't share documents, when you can; address those cross platform compatibility myths, and you'll find that the issues relating to MacOS X adoption evaporate.

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