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Apple A new report out by market research firm Forrester suggests that Apple could double its market share through defections from the Windows platform alone. The firm said that much of this has to do with customers' deep distrust of Microsoft. Apple, along with TiVo, was the only company whose brand trust increased in the last two years. Consumers trust technology brands like Bose, Dell, Sony, Panasonic, and Hewlett-Packard the most, while Toshiba, Hitachi, Gateway, and LG joined Microsoft at the bottom.
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The research seemed ok until!
by penguin7009 on Fri 14th Apr 2006 17:59 UTC
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This research seemed to be plausable until they listed Sony as a company that had the publics trust. Can anyone say Betamax or Rootkit? Is the public just uninformed or is the reasearch tainted?

Sony tries to capture and monopolise every technology they enter into. I trust Sony like CNN, I wouldn't believe CNN if they said it was daytime unless I went to the window and looked out!


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Sony does have the public's trust, just not the tech community who is aware of their DRM and backdoors etc.

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Is the public just uninformed or is the reasearch tainted?

I think the former is a pretty safe bet.

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"Is the public just uninformed"

very simply, yes. Most people have no clue about things like the Rootkit issue. Basically people think "oh Sony makes nice stereos...they probably make good computers too." That or you will find people wandering computer stores looking at computers and basing part of their decision on the appearance of the case. I have actually heard a lot of people in stores look at a computer and say, "that one looks cooler" then buy it when one with better specs for about the same price is sitting next to it...the big difference was the case wasn't as "cool" looking.

Keep in mind, those of us who participate in the discussions on this web site do not fit the norm...most people have no clue how computers work. Just yesterday I was talking to my office mate. She didn't understand what a "hard drive activity light" was. I have known a number of people in the heart of Silicon Valley who didn't understand the difference between Windows and Office. With things like that, do you really think people are going to know or care about a rootkit? No! Sony is a popular brand name that has style. The masses are going to go for that...they really do not know.

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