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Sun Solaris, OpenSolaris Community contributor Jürgen Keil and Sun engineer Jan Setje-Eilers have been working together to get OpenSolaris based operating systems to work under Apple's BootCamp. Today Jan announced that he had successfully installed and booted build 36 of Solaris Nevada (plus some hacks). A series of bugfixes to make OpenSolaris distributions "just work" have been identified.
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RE[2]: Can't wait . . .
by Fuji257 on Fri 14th Apr 2006 18:22 UTC in reply to "RE: Can't wait . . ."
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>>No you don't. Recent benchmarks have shown that the only way the >>external drives are signficantly faster than internals are on old >>powerbooks that have FW800 ports. Since the Intel minis only have >>FW400, that's not possible.

That's more than pretentious to tell me which of my drives are faster than the other.

I don't give a ratsass what you've read, I know how to test HD speeds on my machine thank you very much.

But since you believe what you read see here to see you are dead wrong:

The Mac Mini's weakest point (that you can do something about) is the Hard Drive. The link I gave you (and countless others) shows the MM's internal drives are easily trounced by FW400. Anybody that uses and external boot drive on the MM knows you are full of crap.

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RE[3]: Can't wait . . .
by suryad on Sat 15th Apr 2006 03:50 in reply to "RE[2]: Can't wait . . ."
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If I had any more points I would mod you up!

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