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Apple A new report out by market research firm Forrester suggests that Apple could double its market share through defections from the Windows platform alone. The firm said that much of this has to do with customers' deep distrust of Microsoft. Apple, along with TiVo, was the only company whose brand trust increased in the last two years. Consumers trust technology brands like Bose, Dell, Sony, Panasonic, and Hewlett-Packard the most, while Toshiba, Hitachi, Gateway, and LG joined Microsoft at the bottom.
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RE: Problems with Gamers?
by tryphcycle on Fri 14th Apr 2006 20:37 UTC in reply to "Problems with Gamers? "
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hey... dont get me wrong... spend your money where ever you want! hell i am a free market capitolist... and being a gamer, you are contributing to the economy, which is fine with me.

i understand gaming is a form of entertainment... and we all want to be entertained... to each his own... but you know, i have known lots of gamers in my day. some of them are close friends of mine. but from MY observation. they are MUCH MUCH closer to the vegetative state while in the throws of a weekend Long EverQuest or WOW binge than your average Survivor watcher!

and don't give me that Cr*p about how gamers use a larger portion of their brains than none gamers... or that gaming makes you smarter...
thats like saying masturbation makes your penis bigger!

Any one that spends 5K or more (hell... a few hundred $$$ or more) on a PC specifically for gaming, AND spend more then 2 hours a week playing Video Games has got there priorities seriously out of wack!!!!

but hey... this is a free society and i would never take that freedom away from you! but you still suck!

and this goes out to all my old friends back in NoVa that have been "vegging" out in front of UO, then EverQuest, then WOW.... or what ever else you are in to now!

hey... remember this guys " dude!!!come over this week end we are having a party, lots of people are going to be there!" ......I arrive with a few other friends and a few sixers of some fine portland brewed micros. and there are 30 people at this "Party".... and that ALL have there faces barried in there monitors.... totally entrenched to the point that most dont even say hi.... they just keep playing.....

some party! guess i am not hip!

so... i moved.... left them ALL behind with their hi paying IT jobs and their "everquest guilds"

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Didn't it hurt to give up the Pizza job and move?

Seriously, you need to read everything you wrote in here and get yourself some therapy. While I have to agree that too many people get wrapped up in video games and ignore life, the above is just neurotic.


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Nah he got pwned the last time he played Photoshop and only got to level 3 and never found the Scroll of RedEye reduction.

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