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Sun Solaris, OpenSolaris Community contributor Jürgen Keil and Sun engineer Jan Setje-Eilers have been working together to get OpenSolaris based operating systems to work under Apple's BootCamp. Today Jan announced that he had successfully installed and booted build 36 of Solaris Nevada (plus some hacks). A series of bugfixes to make OpenSolaris distributions "just work" have been identified.
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Mac Hardware
by ameasures on Sat 15th Apr 2006 13:27 UTC
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Some say Macs have good quality hardware, frankly some components are ok and some aren't. Having had a PB DVD drive fail (just) out of warranty ... some it hurts.

If , however, you compare with standard PCs there is a difference: ALL Mac components are certified compatible for (OSX) the operating system they expect to run.

So by all means tell me the Mac is overpriced but do compare it with a system where ALL the drivers are certified for XP.

The mess of cheap (Windows) hardware, uncertified drivers and so forth are paying the salaries of many support staff around the world. So perhaps it isn't all bad news .....

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