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Variable sized integers
by zlynx on Sun 16th Apr 2006 10:07 UTC
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The problem with your HIGHER LEVEL language idea is that it will perform like crap.

Higher level languages like Perl or Java do not use variable sized integers by default (although it's an option), because it adds a huge amount of complexity to every addition.

You can go ahead and do what you want but no one will run your program because it'll be so slow.

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RE: Variable sized integers
by bsdlike on Mon 17th Apr 2006 08:59 in reply to "Variable sized integers"
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Not true. As a previous poster said you're not obliged to develop _all_ your app with a higher level language, you can mix the solutions and have performances _AND_ productivity.
Python and Ruby are damn slow for CPU bound tasks, this doesn't mean your app will be slow for such operations but that you have to profile and substitute the bottlenecks with C or C++.

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RE[2]: Variable sized integers
by zlynx on Mon 17th Apr 2006 18:16 in reply to "RE: Variable sized integers"
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I'm sorry I wasn't clear. I meant that forcing a high level language to use variable-sized integers for all operations will perform like crap.

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