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OSNews, Generic OSes Right in between a car crash and Easter, I knew I had to write a Sunday Eve Column. So here I am, digesting vast quantities of chocolate eggs (and I don't even like chocolate), craving for coffee (for me about as special as breathing), with the goal of explaining to you my, well, obsession with microkernels. Why do I like them? Why do I think the microkernel paradigm is superior to the monolithic one? Read on.
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great article
by JrezIN on Sun 16th Apr 2006 17:36 UTC
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Great article.

In my experience, microkernel systems have better stability and are usually faster to general-propose operations (no really talking about automation systems, like car-building Robots' operation systems, and similar situations...), like a desktop operational system. Maybe it's the kind of standard organization that the system works around; but still in the end, better systems (talking about the practical results).

Another problem these days that microkernels help with, are licensing problems. Since binary compatibility is much easier to maintain as the kernel itself doesn't change too much. So, as the system "talks" a single language, code don't need to "touch" other (license's) code and the user don't need to worry about this kind of problems, it's easier to have everything "just working"...

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