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Linspire If you are looking for a desktop Linux with all the ease and user-friendliness of OS X, Linspire Five-O is a great option. It may not be the best for advanced users, but home and SOHO users will be happy with its performance, support, and great looks, the review says.
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Look here

They're actually trying to push a big effort at getting all the international strings together if you read.

Yet of course this will be criticised because... they tried to make Windows programs run on it... and you only run as root. Jesus wept.

I wish people would even try the frigging thing, aye a current version, before they spout this same old shit.

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maaybe i am dense but what does that have to do with it?

try a current version huh, everytime we do and there is a problem we are told to wait for the next version since it will fix everything....

spout same old stuff becuase it is the same old thing....

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