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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu MadPenguin takes a look at Flight 5 of Ubuntu Dapper, and concludes: "All in all, Ubuntu 6.06 is gearing up to be quite an impressive release. Granted, I saw some bugs during my stay on the distribution, but can I really complain? It's not a full release, so it deserves some breathing room. Considering some of the horribly authored software I've looked at over the years, I feel that Ubuntu in pre-release form is more stable than other distros when they reach final release status. It's not quite in the league of Slackware and Red Hat/Fedora in that respect yet, but it's surely getting there in a hurry."
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Those days are gone ....
by dindin on Mon 17th Apr 2006 13:00 UTC
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"Sure, it's a nice distro for the average homeuser that is new to linux and wants everything done with wizards, but once they get more experienced they will move to another distro. "

I think the opposite is becoming the norm. People who have (my self included) used other distros (debian, slack, etc.) and OSs (FreeBSD, etc.), are moving to Ubuntu for its simplicity. After having meddled with rpms nd source recompiling and broken ports for over 9 years, I moved away from all that for OS X and Ubuntu (dual boot).

Sure, Ubuntu is not the fastest but it has made maintaining the system easier and me more productive.

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RE: Those days are gone ....
by Dekkard on Mon 17th Apr 2006 14:34 in reply to "Those days are gone ...."
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I have to agree. I have an iBook, and run Dapper on an old Athlon T-bird in the basement. When i use my machines, I don't want to spend any time doing configs. I want to do the work I need to do. Some seem to think that "working" on their computer is messing with all the config scripts in /etc. Someone else summed it up great. " My computer works for me, I don't work for it". That is how it should be, and sorry 7334 h4Xx0rz but that is the direction loonix needs to go in to become a viable desktop. Dapper is the shizN4T!

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RE: Those days are gone ....
by thecwin on Mon 17th Apr 2006 16:22 in reply to "Those days are gone ...."
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I used gentoo for a good proportion of my Linux life, recently I've switched to Ubuntu on my laptop and couldn't be happier.

I still have my server running Gentoo and it rarely has X11 enabled, but it's very nice to have Ubuntu and stay very up to date (Xgl, etc.) whilst at the same time not having weird issues or spending every weekend compiling software or fixing weird issues that you've caused with small accidents.

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