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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu MadPenguin takes a look at Flight 5 of Ubuntu Dapper, and concludes: "All in all, Ubuntu 6.06 is gearing up to be quite an impressive release. Granted, I saw some bugs during my stay on the distribution, but can I really complain? It's not a full release, so it deserves some breathing room. Considering some of the horribly authored software I've looked at over the years, I feel that Ubuntu in pre-release form is more stable than other distros when they reach final release status. It's not quite in the league of Slackware and Red Hat/Fedora in that respect yet, but it's surely getting there in a hurry."
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RE: It's nice but....
by kadymae on Mon 17th Apr 2006 13:50 UTC in reply to "It's nice but...."
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Sure, it's a nice distro for the average homeuser that is new to linux and wants everything done with wizards, but once they get more experienced they will move to another distro.

Um no.

OS X does everything for me with wizards. You will pry it out of my cold, dead fingers. It works for me. I don't work for it.

The people who want to go rooting around in the underbelly of their OS is about 2% of the masses. I want to learn shell scripting about as much as I want to learn the ins and out of my fuel injector and timing sequences.

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