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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu MadPenguin takes a look at Flight 5 of Ubuntu Dapper, and concludes: "All in all, Ubuntu 6.06 is gearing up to be quite an impressive release. Granted, I saw some bugs during my stay on the distribution, but can I really complain? It's not a full release, so it deserves some breathing room. Considering some of the horribly authored software I've looked at over the years, I feel that Ubuntu in pre-release form is more stable than other distros when they reach final release status. It's not quite in the league of Slackware and Red Hat/Fedora in that respect yet, but it's surely getting there in a hurry."
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RE[4]: one gripe : one cd
by Tom Janowitz on Mon 17th Apr 2006 18:09 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: one gripe : one cd"
Tom Janowitz
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Choosing Ubuntu implies choosing DE (gnome) _before_acutal_installation_ , apart of course of Kubuntu (not that polished) and Xubuntu (no cd's yet). If those DE's were in main repos (and on cd's/dvd) then the choice could have been made easily later. If there is no choice in regard to DE - how user will get to know other DE's (instead of common jumping from one distro to another) ? Of course one can 'sudo apt-get kde-desktop' (+removing gnome?), but the installation process of a whole DE isn't confined to this simple command and I would rather make it once at the beginning than to let (yet) inexperienced users to have it done (screwed?) by themelves. Is it really that much to ask for a dvd filled with goodies (which already exist) ?

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