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General Development Rexx is a simple "power" language. Wait, isn't that a contradiction in terms? Not according to Howard Fosdick. While Rexx is easy to learn and simple to use, it nonetheless provides some strong capabilities that are making it a popular programming language.
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REXX is great on larger machines
by bousozoku on Mon 17th Apr 2006 23:00 UTC
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Considering that there are fewer interpreted languages available the larger the machine, REXX being designated way back when the official IBM "Procedures Language" has helped make those machines more useful.

The fact that it will interpret lines of code input from the keyboard in the middle of an application is a trick no other language I've seen will do and it's quite useful.

If the few articles on REXX bothers someone, I'd hate to think how they're bothered by Mac OS X or something else. Ignorance may be bliss but learning is heaven.

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