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Xfce The Xfce project has released the first beta in the 4.4 release cycle. "Xfce 4.4 beta1 ( is now available for download. Xfce 4.4 features new tools such as the much anticipated 'Thunar' file manager as well as several huge improvements of its core components."
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Desktop metaphor
by flobberchops on Tue 18th Apr 2006 09:02 UTC
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Really the desktop metaphor has FAILED yet we still beat this donkey to death. Its too complex and since when have you ever used a DESK in a vertical position? Why dont we have some INNOVATION in the UI on Linux?

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RE: Desktop metaphor
by thebluesgnr on Tue 18th Apr 2006 09:16 in reply to "Desktop metaphor"
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There's a lot of innovation in free software projects. If you don't like the desktop metaphor used in all major desktop environments available today you can come up with your own suggestions.

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RE[2]: Desktop metaphor
by flobberchops on Tue 18th Apr 2006 09:26 in reply to "RE: Desktop metaphor"
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Innovation on free software projects? Can you please give some that are in widespread use today on the desktop?

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RE: Desktop metaphor
by h times nue equals e on Tue 18th Apr 2006 10:25 in reply to "Desktop metaphor"
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Actually, I've used a desktop-like-environment with vertical alignment just a few minutes ago. It's called "blackboard" and the technology behind it isn't all that new, perhaps you stumbled across it already somewhere.

On a more seriously attempt to answer your post :

Do something completly different (Ion, Ratpoison, ... ) and people will tell you, it's too different from what folks already know, so nobody despite the geeks in their parents cellars, who have no work to get done, will use it (which isn't true, but that doesn't help to stop this argument)

Use established concepts and give it a spin in the direction you (as a developer / project group) like, and you will get told, that things like this have been around for ages, so it isn't inovative at all and therefore nobody will use it, because they can stick to what they know too.

Work in an environment, that provides solutions that follow both of aboves paradigmas, and you will get told that the over-diversification of DE's/WM/tools will prevent your environment and FOSS in general from "beeing ready for the desktop".

There is (IMHO, and judging from my experience) no such thing as a magic "inovate" button you simply press, making truly innovative software/products/whatever almost always involves a little thinking-outside-the-box, which is easier to achieve, if you are not restricted what you *can* do, even if your innovations are only little variations of already established concepts, they might have their value too. But if you have some good ideas, that would allow drastic UI improvements / innovations, nothing hinders you from participating in a project or starting your own project to bring your visions to fruit (well, nothing should hinder you, beside the fear of a too large number of WM/DE's that seems to plague you).

No offense meant


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