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Xfce The Xfce project has released the first beta in the 4.4 release cycle. "Xfce 4.4 beta1 ( is now available for download. Xfce 4.4 features new tools such as the much anticipated 'Thunar' file manager as well as several huge improvements of its core components."
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RE: Impressive software
by Ookaze on Tue 18th Apr 2006 14:16 UTC in reply to "Impressive software"
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the combination of speed and usability in XFCE is definitely impressive

I don't find it impressive at all, so it's not definitely anything.
At least, it served to put to rest people who say X is slow.

With a decent file manager integrated I think it easily competes with GNOME and KDE

You got to be kidding. If you mean as a DE, I think you don't realise the big difference between Xfce and KDE/Gnome.
GConf, Gnome-VFS and all are not there just to add bloat you know, and yes, they improve the experience a great deal.

I can't understand why they are so much more popular considering their relative bloat and how mature XFCE is becoming

I can understand pretty well, as I use it often, specifically for root (yes, I actually have a graphical root) as it is lightweight, along with Gnome and KDE.
You say XFCE is only becoming mature, and I think the other DE are already mature. I even think XFCE is mature since a long time.
But it's a different beast. It's more like a CDE made right.
Think about an average end user to see the difference. XFCE still do not have a decent file manager in a stable released. XFFM is plain unusable.
Even I had a hard time using it.

It's definitely a DE that people should watch closely and I think the developers of other DEs could learn from it

Like always, people don't need your advice, as people have already thought of that, and people have already done that.
You'll notice that some part of Nautilus are similar to Thunar, and no, that's no accident.
The latest Gnome starts faster than XFCE on my machine now, with far more things to load on the Gnome side.
That was not the case with the previous version of GTK+ and Gnome.
Perhaps it would be different on a machine with low memory and slow processor.

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