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Linux Efforts to bring glitzy new graphics to Linux are fueling an old conflict: Does proprietary software belong in open-source Linux? The issue involves software modules called drivers, which plug into the kernel at the heart of the open-source operating system. Drivers let software communicate with hardware such as network adapters, hard drives and video cards.
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RE[3]: I'm all for it.
by Soulbender on Wed 19th Apr 2006 09:06 UTC
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"But issues pertaining to THEIR IP has nothing to do with the issue; the issue is with the IP they have licenced from third parties, and those third parties unwilling to allow ATI and Nvidia to open up their drivers."

And pray tell, how does that other IP prevent the creation of a fully documented and open interface?
Noone is asking them to open source their drivers, just that their hardware has open and documented interfaces. If they have some IP in their drivers to do clever things isnt of interest.
3rd party IP is a copout exscuse.

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