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NetBSD From the article: "In order to allow our users to follow the most important changes over the last few months, we provide a brief summary in these official status reports on a regular basis. These status reports, released with irregular regularity, are suitable for reproduction and publication in part or in whole as long as the source is clearly indicated. This report summarizes the changes within NetBSD during the first three months of 2006."
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binary repositories and updating
by project_2501 on Wed 19th Apr 2006 13:12 UTC
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if netbsd had a system of binary updates and updating similar to apt-get update/upgrade that would make the system very attractive to many people.

i've tried both pkgsrc and freebsd-ports and it is not a stable way to maintain a system. this is why sometimes the technically inferior linux distributions win out becuase that are easier to manage.

i realise that netbsd is often used as a *basis* for others to build systems and appliances out of. in that case perhaps its time for an desktop and server distribution of netbsd.

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First and foremost, sorry for being off-topic in regards to NetBSD.

In the FreeBSD case, please refer to the manpages of portupgrade, portsnap and portversion, in particular the switches that control whether you prefer installing from ports or from packages, and pkg_info, in particular the -r and -R options. It's not GUI-based, but it's so darned easy to manage that I simply find it more convenient than trying to track what dependencies Synaptic (for example) is adding behind my back. After adding some aliases to your preferred shell's local .rc file, port/package management is a no-brainer.

About binary upgrades to the system core, please refer to freebsd-update. It IS actively mantained.

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