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Linux Efforts to bring glitzy new graphics to Linux are fueling an old conflict: Does proprietary software belong in open-source Linux? The issue involves software modules called drivers, which plug into the kernel at the heart of the open-source operating system. Drivers let software communicate with hardware such as network adapters, hard drives and video cards.
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Consider two questions:
by ganloo on Thu 20th Apr 2006 06:08 UTC
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1. Will the proprietary drivers really enhance the experience of "out-of-box"?
I don't think so.
2. Will the drivers that go to open source bring more qualification? Saying ATI or via?
maybe, it will give more feeling of freedom, but not the quilification I am afraid.
So I think the keypoint is CHOICE. Do the hardware ventors have the choice? (if there Linux kernel refuses the non-GPL compatible drivers, does it matter if giving a interface, is it technically difficult?) Do the end users have the choice (if we just can't make use of ALGLX with ATI proprietary driver under Linux)?
I like open source and use Archlinux daily, but I also expect I can get a 3d accelerated desktop more easily.

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