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Mac OS X Secunia said there are potential vulnerabilities in the Mac OS X operating system, first noticed by Tom Ferris. The firm described the holes as 'highly critical', meaning that systems could be compromised if crooks dive in. Secunia said the potential holes are in version 10.4.6, but other versions might be affected too.
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RE: I'm pissed
by rm6990 on Fri 21st Apr 2006 23:52 UTC in reply to "I'm pissed"
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Just get it right by Leopard or else.

I'm sure Apple is quaking in their booties, and spending an extra billion on quadruple checking the code in their OS for fear of losing you as a customer, as we all know you are the only thing between profitability and bankruptcy for Apple.

Grow up, and get real. All code bases as complex as OS X (or Linux, Windows, BSD, etc) are going to have vulnerabilities. Get over it.

Oh, and by the way, you aren't important enough for any company, let alone Apple, to give two little shits about you. Quit being so high on yourself, and quit wasting my bandwidth with your stupid comments.

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