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Linux "Why tune my system? This is probably the first thing you want to know. When a distribution is packaged and delivered to clients, it is designed to be fully compatible with most of the computers available in the market. This is a very heterogeneous set of hardware (hard disks, video cards, network cards, etc.). So distribution vendors like Red Hat, SuSe, Mandriva and the rest of them choose some conservative configuration options to assure a successful installation. For instance, probably you have a very advanced hard disk with some special features that are not being used due to standard configuration settings. To summarize: your Linux distribution goes well... But it can go even better!"
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Useless Info
by zlynx on Sun 23rd Apr 2006 19:34 UTC
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I was hoping for an article with more meat. Where's the info on adjusting disk schedulers, queue depth, read-ahead? How about adjusting network settings for good gigabit performance? Where's the best settings for binding server processes and network interrupts to CPU nodes in a 4 chip, 8 core Opteron NUMA box? Or optimizing filesystem settings in combination with choosing the best RAID stripe size?

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RE: Useless Info
by sanjos on Mon 24th Apr 2006 04:42 in reply to "Useless Info"
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If you didn't notice, the article is aimed at desktop users. 4 chip, 8 core Opteron NUMA box with RAID.. for a desktop??? wow !

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