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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y "These days, the 'revolution' is all about Linux. The word alone has become a catchcry for everything anti-establishment, anti-Bill, and anti-licensing fees. If you listen to the hype, it's being used everywhere, in businesses of all sizes, to do everything but make the coffee. Just because everybody's using Linux, however, doesn't mean everybody's happy for that fact to be known, as I found recently while looking for potential candidates for this special report about companies that had made the switch from Windows and Linux, and vice versa."
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planning counts for every OS
by TechGeek on Mon 24th Apr 2006 14:47 UTC
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Planning makes a big difference on the outcome of any project. It doesn't seem Austereo made very wise decisions. Why did they not test the Blackberrys before commiting to them? There are PDA's that work perfectly with linux. And although I don't have any experience with CRM software, that surely can't mean the whole company needs to use the app. And I can't get email back after I delete it either and I use Exchange. So I don't see why the big push to switch to MS. Also, I'd like to see those 11 people at Coffey fix their stuff the next time their systems get infested by the latest plague. Thats almost 160 machines per person to fix.

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Why did they not test the Blackberrys before commiting to them?

And they didn't do their research as there is open source software that will push to blackberries:

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