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Apple The 17" MacBook Pro has just been released. The 17" model has Firewire 800 and 8x dual layer Superdrive, both of which the 15.4" version lacks. The new MacBook Pro was presented during the NAB2006. The machine will cost $2799,- in the US, or round and about EUR 2879,- (differs per country) in the EU, or GBP 1999,- if you live in the UK.
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Geez, wonder if it will work as well as the 15"???

This Weeks What’s Wrong With Macs! COPIED DIRECTLY From YOUR Helpe Site!

Special Report: Troubleshooting the MacBook Pro
Covering these topics:

-Audio distortion/poor sound quality
-Battery problems: Shuts off when not connected to power, more
-Built-in Display distortion
-Dead MacBook Pro's-on-arrival units!!
-Downgraded SuperDrive relative to PowerBook G4
-ExpressCard issues
-FireWire 800 cards for ExpressCard/34 slot on the way
-High-pitched whining noises: Eliminating
-iSight not functioning properly
-Kernel panics upon waking up (Inability to wake from sleep)
-Lack of alternative power adapters
-Missing components
-Poor general network performance
-Printer issues: Not recognized, more
-Problems sharing the Internet connection
-Slow networking performance with VLANs; VOIP phones
-Wireless connectivity issues
-MacBook Pro (#15): Kernel panics upon waking up (Inability to wake from sleep); More on whining noise; Wireless connectivity issues; more
-MacBook Pro (#14): Inconsistent wireless connections with third-party routers; Problems operating from battery; more
-MacBook Pro (#13): Whining noises — more fixes; AppleTalk printers not showing up over AirPort; more
-MacBook Pro (#12): Poor network performance for some
-MacBook Pro (#11): More on whining noises, fixes; Problems sharing Internet connection; more
-MacBook Pro (#11): Audio distortion; whining noises; screen flickering; more
-MacBook Pro (#10): High-pitched whine being emitted, possible fixes; More seemingly defective units
-MacBook Pro (#9): More units arrive DOA; More on sound quality
-acBook Pro (#8): iSight not functioning properly; Screen artifacts; Sound quality/speaker issues; more
-MacBook Pro (#7): Notes from service manual; Poor sound quality; more
-MacBook Pro (#5): Notes from service manual; Poor sound quality; more
-MacBook Pro #4: FireWire 800 cards for ExpressCard/34 slot on the way
-MacBook Pro #3: Ship date; Lack of third-party adapters; Adding a FireWire 800 port; ExpressCard issues
-MacBook Pro (#2): SuperDrive apparently not dual-layer; S-Video out gone; No internal modem
-Apple releases MacBook Pro Core Duo: 4–5X faster than PowerBook G4 (yeah sure!, NOT what Benchmarks have shown!)

MacBook Pro (#12): Poor network performance for some
Monday, March 13 2006 @ 08:15 AM PST

Some users are reporting poor network performance from the MacBook Pro, an issue we are not experiencing in-house.

Note that we cover a broad range of Intel-based Mac networking issues in a separate series of articles, along with various workarounds that may also be applicable in the case of these MacBook Pro issues.

MacBook Pro - More on whining noises; Problems sharing Internet connection; and more PROBLEMS!

We continue to report on a distinct and irritating high-pitched noise being emitted by the MacBook Pro.

In some cases, whining sounds of this nature are related to the tied to screen brightness and caused by defective inverter boards. This was a common problem with the PowerBook G3 "Lombard" models, and the sound could sometimes be affected (or eliminated totally) by gently flexing the inverter board.

Turn on iSight Several readers have reported that turning on the MacBook Pro's built-in iSight eliminates the whining noise.

One reader writes:

"Hi, i have the same problem. When i turn on the webcam the noise disappears, but when the webcam turn off, the noise starts again."

The MacBook Pro ONLY SHIPPED IN February!!!

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"The MacBook Pro ONLY SHIPPED IN February!!!"

You clearly are "somebody unable to get the difference between price and value."

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What kind of information do you think you're going to come across on a site for people with broken Macs? People with properly working Macs don't post there.

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