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Legal Microsoft told a European Union court on Monday that regulators had completely misunderstood thriving competition in the software market in issuing a landmark antitrust ruling against the giant U.S. company. But an internal Microsoft memo presented by a coalition of critical companies suggested founder Bill Gates was told that a strategy used to crush the rival Netscape browser could also take down the leader in streaming media, RealNetworks' RealPlayer.
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RE[4]: So the real news...
by vitae on Tue 25th Apr 2006 18:43 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: So the real news..."
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Except that there's a pattern here. Gates said to beat RealNetworks. Gates said they had to beat Netscape. Gates goes on an on. If they should dominate every aspect of the software industry all leveraged by their monopoly, that will still be okay? When apps of all types come free with Windows and where no other software company can compete anymore, then drive up the price of Windows dramatically, there would still not be a problem? The idea is to keep it fair before that happens. Microsoft should have been broken in half, one company for the OS and one for software. That would have been better for the consumer.

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