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Hardware, Embedded Systems "A Chinese company called YellowSheepRiver wants to make affordable budget computing a reality with its new $150 Linux Municator, a highly compact and innovative PC built with inexpensive Chinese hardware components. Although MIT's much touted $100 Linux laptop has yet to transcend its status as vaporware, YellowSheepRiver already has a working product which could potentially be available for purchase within the next three months." It runs on a custom 64 bit processor, derived from the MIPS processor, and as a result won't run Windows.
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RE[2]: How good are those CPUs
by Sophotect on Wed 26th Apr 2006 16:31 UTC in reply to "RE: How good are those CPUs"
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This lamenting about Patents is the usual FUD which is based on some out of context information from a Microprocessor-Report article. Before spreading fear, uncertainity and doubt like this again, you should read this, especially the last paragraph from someone who should really know about this:
Then this from one of the "plagiators" himself:
And this which is the root-cause of all the patent-discussion:

Oh, not to forget, said patent which soon will be invalid:

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Some good links there.

Lexra was just down the road from here, I never really thought they would be forced to cave in.

From the patent link, I am pretty sure I have violated this patent in at least a dozen chips, although it wasn't a cpu though, and the idea is just plain common sense and has been known since the wheel. In a nutshell its a mux dmux parallel to serial process idea with cpu words on top.

I really hate these types of patents because they force one to speak stupidly about what one is doing and to beat around the bush, engineers prefer to be blunt and upfront. The Lexra & BLX approach to doing this in SW always stinks in performance and lawyers can twist that around.

The only thing BLX can and must do is too fill up a patent portfolio of its own (US & EU) as quickly as possible, fight stupid with stupid or clever with clever. Companies with large patent portfolios are much less attractive to sue. Then unfortunately they have to hire western patent lawyers, a hard lesson for Chinese companies to learn if they want to fight with western dragons. So that means engineering jobs go to Asia, lawyer jobs stay in the US, yuck twice.

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