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Linux "This research report by a third-year graduate student examines the growing use of desktop Linux among governments in the US and globally. Drawing on published research and comments from industry analysts, the author hypothesizes that desktop Linux may be nearing a tipping point within government settings, after which adoption can be expected to accelerate."
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Actually, you can have RHEL for free. Its the support that costs you. Look up CentOS, White Box Linux, some others I am sure. Actually, SELinux is NSA certified. Sure, some Distro's arent Enterprise ready, but then they arent aimed at that population. Some Distros are for education, science, engineering, hacking, pen testing, general use. You just have to pick the right tools for the job.

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I run CentOS on all of my personal servers. I am also aware that you can run Oracle on CentOS with a few hacks to files like /etc/redhat-release. In a HA environment, you need support throughout everything though.

[i]Security-enhanced Linux is not part of any currently approved version of Linux and has no special or additional approval for government use over any other version of Linux.

Actually, SELinux was written by the NSA, not certified by them. If you want to talk technical, talk corrrectly :-)

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