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Legal "D-Link and Poul-Henning Kamp announced today that they have amicably resolved their dispute regarding access to Mr Kamp's NTP Time Server site. D-Link's existing products will have authorized access to Mr Kamp's server, but all new D-Link products will not use the NTP time server. D-Link is dedicated to remaining a good corporate and network citizen."
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When It was about telling the world how D-Link was so bad and so on, he told the whole thing.... now that the issue has been solved all we get is a crippled footnote:

I'm cool, D-Link is cool, every one is cool.

That's not fair.. I'd like to get all the flesh of the agreement. ;-)

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Don't forget that the original reason his letter to D-Link was posted publicly was because he could find no other way to contact someone at D-Link with enough clout to get the problem fixed. He wasn't trying to raise a storm (except in so far as it would catch the eye of someone at D-Link (he said so in the letter (don't you believe him?))). So, though it may be voyeuristically disappointing, I guess not posting any details is reasonable on his part.

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