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Gnome GNOME 2.12 will be released to the world on September 7th, 2005, culminating 6 months of very exciting work by members of the project. A number of exciting technologies come together in GNOME 2.12 that will set the standard for free software desktops to come. Here is a sample of some of the outstanding work that has gone into GNOME thanks to its many contributors.
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Chunky corners
by on Mon 1st Aug 2005 00:19 UTC

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In all these previews, take a look at the top corners of metacity windows when the user is using a theme that has rounded title bars. They still look "chunky". You can tell that the bar isn't round, but is instead a very fine-grained zig-zag of pixels. Was cairo not supposed to address this? I was looking forward to smooth circles and less pixely corners in 2.12 because of this. Does metacity not use cairo? Am I incorrect in assuming that cairo would fix this?

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RE: Chunky corners
by Daniel Borgmann on Mon 1st Aug 2005 01:05 in reply to "Chunky corners"
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That particular problem is unrelated to cairo. It will be solved by the composite extension of xorg to allow real translucency in metacity themes, but that's not quite ready yet.

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RE: Chunky corners
by rayiner on Mon 1st Aug 2005 03:42 in reply to "Chunky corners"
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Cairo fixes anti-aliasing for everything inside a window (well, once more of GTK+ actually starts drawing using Cairo...). However, to get good anti-aliasing of the window borders, you have to alpha blend each window with all the windows underneath it (compositing). This feature won't be generally available until the X software stack catches up, namely once Xgl, Composite, and Luminocity are more mature.

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