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Oracle and SUN "Linux distributor Novell has taken a shot at open-source rival Sun, saying the company's moves to open the code on its Solaris operating system had added little to the open-source community." A Sun employee responds: "I can't see how OpenSolaris creates any forks from any of the open source efforts and really does help many folks that do use it. Freedom is the ability to have choice, in addition to removing the restrictions of licenses. OpenSolaris accomplishes both, and works to become "true to the spirit".
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RE: it's not just about choice
by anevilyak on Fri 28th Apr 2006 17:49 UTC
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There's more to the open source community than just Linux you know. The license being incompatible with the GPL does not make it incompatible with many other projects.

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ormandj Member since:

Agreed. Lately the sentiment that if it's GPL incompatible, it's inherently evil has been making a strong showing on OSNews.

Just because Novell can't use the code in their *product* doesn't make the code any less open. Especially when the license prohibiting the match is the GPL. They should be chewing themselves out publically for the licensing issues.

I much prefer the BSD/CDDL/etc style licenses for this very reason.

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CDDL? You do realize it's hardly an open source license? It's so restricted, it's virtually useless.

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No, but it does with most projects.

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