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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu "The Ubuntu, Kubuntu, and Edubuntu teams are proud to present a second Beta release of Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Edubuntu 6.06 LTS, codenamed "Dapper Drake". This release corrects some serious flaws in the installer present on the Desktop CD in the first Beta release. Although the text-mode install CD also forms part of this release, it has not been modified since Beta 1. An updated Xubuntu release is also in preparation and will be announced shortly." Hey look, a screenshot tour.
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RE[3]: Ubuntu is pure crap!
by netpython on Sun 30th Apr 2006 13:08 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Ubuntu is pure crap!"
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I don't understand why people said apt-get is bettern than ports.

It isn't.

But,there's GUI frontend (synaptic).Needless to say it's bit more user friendly.

If for installing an application I have to read all manuals, than Ubuntu is already failed for targeting average home users.

At least the quick starter guide -:)

For your joy of life, you should use Mac OSX. I give score "almost perfect" for Desktop OS.

I don't know,i have unfortunately never had an opportunity to play around with OSX but i'm saving some money to do so in the nearby future.

But for server, of course I will advocate FreeBSD.

Good choice,whatever gets the job done.I could imagine lot's of people being perfectly happy with running Solaris,Linux too for example on their server(s).

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