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PC-BSD After months and months of work, the PC-BSD team released v1.0 final. "PC-BSD software is pleased to announce the immediate availability of PC-BSD 1.0 for x86 based processors. This first 'non-beta' release of PC-BSD ushers in a new era of stability and simplicity for desktop operating systems based on UNIX. Powered by the latest FreeBSD 6.0 and integrated with KDE 3.5.2, PC-BSD provides a solid server base, while being user-friendly enough to run as a primary desktop system." Changelog, release notes, and download, of course.
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New features
by Charles A Landemaine on Sun 30th Apr 2006 16:29 UTC
Charles A Landemaine
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Cool! At last PC-BSD is here. Hope people will enjoy the new features. This release comes with much work from the translators, with more than 50 different languages, I think we can congratulate the excellent work of all of them, for the hours of work they have provided during their little free time. One good feature that many people asked for is when you put a CD, DVD or plug a USB Flash drive, PC-BSD auto-detects it and asks you what you wanna do, a must have. Also, for the USB key, an icon appears on the desktop to unmount it safely. A hard work has been done to enhance fonts too. The "Search" field of Konqueror is pretty neat too, Opera and Firefox had it, why Konqueror wouldn't? ;) Also, more than 40 bugs have been fixed, very important, hope the "Bug report" forum will be less crowdy now! ;)
And obviously there is the easy system installer, and the PBI system to install software in 2-3 clicks!
Enjoy this release of PC-BSD, and spread the word!

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RE: New features
by Morty on Sun 30th Apr 2006 17:01 in reply to "New features"
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The "Search" field of Konqueror is pretty neat too,...., why Konqueror wouldn't? ;)

The search field has been in Konqueror for ages, at least 3.3 or 3.2 if not earlier. Personally I find it quite annoying and useless, and the first thing I turn off if it's enabled. The webshortcuts are all you need, gg: wp: imdb: kde: qt: etc.

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RE[2]: New features
by Doctor Flange on Sun 30th Apr 2006 19:11 in reply to "RE: New features"
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I couldn't agree more. When I first started using linux, I used the search box in Konqueror all the time (simply because this is what I'd used in Firefox under Windows).

Now I find myself trying to type gg: into the address bar of Internet Explorer. It doesn't like it ;)

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