Linked by Thom Holwerda on Mon 1st May 2006 10:36 UTC
OpenBSD OpenBSD 3.9 has now officially been released. Improvements were made accross the board. There's a detailed changelog, an errata page, and of course a download section. If you want to support OpenBSD, buy a CD set.
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by kernelpanicked on Mon 1st May 2006 14:59 UTC
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Amazing, after the whole funding ordeal and all the articles posted about why OpenBSD depends on CD sales and doesn't create download ISOs, within the first five posts here we've got someone posting a link to ISOs made by god knows who and getting modded up for it. I hope somewhere in all that foreign mess that nobody can read, it says "These ISOs come with a nice Trojan, enjoy." Same goes for the guy who posted a torrent link. I've had the 3.9 release for about three weeks now, because I actually bought the CDs. It's a great release with a lot of new features and improvements. Please people, try an ftp install and if it works out for you, buy a CD set or make a donation.

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by mkools on Mon 1st May 2006 18:53 in reply to "WTF"
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I totally agree on that, that's why I modded them down.
People should not post URL's to ISO's but the link to buy the CD's and other materials:

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RE[2]: WTF
by odnomzagi on Tue 2nd May 2006 07:01 in reply to "RE: WTF"
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Congratulation. Read the rest of article carefully what i linked (the article contains this URL and ask people to buy official CD-s).

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by odnomzagi on Tue 2nd May 2006 06:53 in reply to "WTF"
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"and doesn't create download ISOs, "

Where you read this? Deeplink please.

"within the first five posts here we've got someone posting a link to ISOs"

One word: freedom. OpenBSD = freedom.

"god knows who and getting modded up for it."

man md5

(on tarballs)

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RE[2]: WTF
by kernelpanicked on Tue 2nd May 2006 12:11 in reply to "RE: WTF"
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"Where you read this? Deeplink please."

"One word: freedom. OpenBSD = freedom."

From above link:

Note that only the CD layout is copyrighted, OpenBSD itself is free. Nothing precludes someone else from downloading OpenBSD and making their own CD. If for some reason you want to download a CD image, try searching the mailing list archives for possible sources. Of course, any OpenBSD ISO images available on the Internet either violate Theo de Raadt's copyright or are not official images. The source of an unofficial image may or may not be trustworthy; it is up to you to determine this for yourself.

"man md5"

How exactly is md5 going to help you here? Since there are no md5s on the ftp server, do you plan to download every tarball from the ftp mirror, generate an md5sum, mount your copyright infringing iso and compare all the md5s?

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